We aim for your well-being. 

Wonderful working conditions and spaces that encourage a healthy work life balance.

 3 working areas 

Super fast and reliable internet, monitors, office chairs, VC-area

 Nature & Culture 

Historic old town, surfing, party or theatre - reach all by foot or bus

 10 comfortable rooms 

Whether shared or private rooms -  everything is available for rest and individuality

 400m² shared space 

Relax in the garden sauna; barbecue or work on the roof terrace; do yoga

 4 open kitchens 

Prepare a shared meal; enjoy a freshly squeezed smoothie; fill up filtrated water

 And more 

Working environment

500mbit/s wifi

Desktop and IT equipment rental

Printing facilities
Silent, mid-noise and communal working areas
Flexible desk policy
Conference call room

Privat dorms equipped with wifi and tables

Food and Drink

Fresh and free daily breakfast

Homebaked bread


Home cooked soups

Filtrated water

Homegrown oranges

Fully equipped kitchens

Move, craft, relax

Community of up to 20 people

Roof Top

Awesome air

Sun bathing

Yoga mattresses in stock

Stand up padel
Garden sauna


Spaces to shape, learn and create


Beautiful canary town

Night life


Hiking & biking trails

Public transport

Know how of the island

Comfort and cleaning

Cosy beds

Washing machine and tumble dryer


Weekly room service

Turn electricity yourself on/off